Consulting Service

We can process your well(s) with reasonable turnaround time: whatever you require. The examples show the results you can expect:

The processing will check the validity of any core XRD, XRF, etc., that you may be able to supply. If valid data, then the computation will honour that data.

Pricing available upon request.

Reporting Provided

  • Mineralogy
  • Elements
  • Sw
  • Porosity
  • Permeability
  • Summary tables

Turn Around Times

Immediate turn-around while well is waiting; porosity, water saturation, permeability or anything else required.

  • A couple of days turn-around for one well
  • A couple of weeks turn-around for 1 to 10 wells
  • A couple of months turn-around for 10 to 20 wells
  • More than a month turn-around for many wells.

Oil Pump nodding donkey