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Annual coaching school, 2017. Contact us to register.

GeoConvention date is May 9-15, 2017.

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Consulting: time lines
  • Immediate turn-around while well is waiting; porosity, water saturation, permeability or anything else required
  • A couple of days turn-around for one well
  • A couple of weeks turn-around for 1 to 10 wells
  • A couple of months turn-around for 10 to 20 wells
  • More than a month turn-around for many wells.
Well Log Analysis
  • Test for bad data and remove or modify. Generally, a "Poupon" approach is taken where good data is when the DPHI<=DT_PHI. When DPHI>DT_PHI occurs, this data is nulled and a cluster is run to infill from the good hole data.
  • Calculate water resistivity from the SP, given that RW is known in at least one zone. Use quick look Rw if RXO and RT and RMF are available. Rw from SP may require "straightening" the SP baseline (Recommend PST_MOD).
  • Calculate total organic carbon from carbon and inorganic carbon, resistivity, density, uranium, travel time or NMR. Compare to core or if no core, select one.
  • Inspect elements and predict if necessary.
  • Run interpretation model
  • Provide summaries

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  • You do the work; we coach
  • We do the work
  • We coach for your needs
  • Work done to your specifications
  • Frequent core XRF is available
  • Consulting
  • Calgary Technical luncheon 2013: slides, the movie
  • Well log analysis
  • In House workshops can be arranged
  • Free estimates

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